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Q: What does S/u on snapchat? mean?
A: "Slide up" or "swipe up", or it could also mean "shut up".
Q: What does i think you snapchat me ? mean?
A: Snapchat es run aplicación de red social. Entonces quiere decir que comunicastes por snapchat
Q: What does snapchat streak mean?
A: The fire emoji beside every (snap chat)chat is a streak. It appears when you and the other person continuously snap(chat) with each other for more than a day. The numbers beside the fire emoji indicate how many days you have streaked with person.
Q: What does snapchat mean?
A: Snapchat is a social media service specializing in sending pictures to friends. A large percentage of these pictures seem feature people in compromising positions, such as nude or doing something mildly illegal. So for example a girl wouldn't want to send a topless picture to her study partner instead of her boyfriend.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? my snapchat to teach me english and me french (snapchat :omea95 )
A: Do you want the pronunciation?
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? I'm uploading a snapchat and I'm captioning it "I lost my G necklace somewhere" is this correct sentence??
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I don't know your snapchat does this sound natural?
A: I don't have you added on snapchat
Q: I delete my snapchat story after 5 min of posting it does this sound natural?
A: I deleted my Snapchat story 5 minutes after posting it. ..
Q: I've used snapchat before but not now does this sound natural?
A: I used to have snapchat, but not anymore.
Q: The new snapchat update
New snapchat update
A: It depends on the sentence.

"Did you see the new snapchat update?" and "New snapchat update just came out" are both fine.

Q: sorry.
I don't use snapchat often. I only use snapchat when I send him a letter.I use InstagramDM more often. does this sound natural?
A: "send him a letter." Do you mean message?

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