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Q: What does ‘To snatch up’ mean?
A: it means to take something quickly. a quick grab.

“all the chocolates were snatched up by the children so fast that Mary couldn’t get a piece of candy”

so “she snatched her leg up” means she quickly pulled her leg away and maybe hid it.
Q: What does snatched mean?
A: grabbed.
To snatch something means to grab something from someone. It gives the impression that you took something really quickly and maybe even took it from someone by stealing it.
Q: What does In your snatch fitzpleasure
Broom-shaped pleasure mean?
A: This has no meaning outside of the song 'Fitzpleasure'. 'snatch' in general means 'vagina'. I would take it to be talking about rape, but it's open to interpretation.
Q: What does to snatch away mean?
A: to grab, take suddenly
Q: What does snatch mean?
A: It is also a vulgar slang for a vagina.

Example sentences using "Snatch"

Q: Please show me example sentences with to snatch.
A: 1.) "He snatched her wallet."
"He" here is a "snatcher" since "he" stole a woman's wallet.

2.) "I caught her snatching a cookie out of the cookie jar."
A woman was caught quickly taking out cookies. When we say "snatch", the action is sudden and forceful.

3.) "The Celtics snatched the NBA championship from the Lakers again this year."
This sentence implies that the Lakers was about to win, but the Celtics "snatched" the win from the Lakers.

4.) I thought the boy crossing the road would be run over by the car, but Stephen snatched the him out of the jaws of death.
Expression/idiom: "to snatch (one) out of the jaws of death" = to save someone from near or certain death at the very last possible moment.

Good luck in studying English!
Q: Please show me example sentences with snatch.
A: thank you!
Q: Please show me example sentences with snatch.
A: “he snatched the ball from her hands” every other example that i can think of would be used in the same context.
however, there is a slang term, “wig snatched” it means you are shocked. keep in mind, this is slang so the words are used differently.
Q: Please show me example sentences with snatched.
A: someone snatched the paper away just before I could grab it
Q: Please show me example sentences with snatch.
A: don't snatch my food off me

Synonyms of "Snatch" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between "snatch" and "snatch up" ?
A: They mean the same thing. When you add 'up' it just puts a little bit more emphasis that it happened really quickly.
Q: What is the difference between snatch and seize and steal and shoplift and confiscate ?
A: SNATCH is to quickly grap something from someone
EXAMPLE: hey! you snatched my cookie!

SEIZE is to stop something or it can be used to describe you enjoying a moment
EXAMPLE: Today was so beautiful I just had to seize the moment
EXAMPLE: Seize, halt, stop

STEAL is when you take something that isn't yours from any given place
EXAMPLE: Hey! he stole my money

SHOPLIFT: is to steal from a store
EXAMPLE: That lady over there is shoplifting

CONFISCATE is to take something from someone with or without out permission to hold on to it for special reasons
EXAMPLE: Ma'am we are going to have to confiscate your bag for interrogation
Q: What is the difference between to snatch and to seize and to grip ?
A: Snatch is to grab something (which may not belong to you) quickly with your hands
Seize is also to grab something (which may not belong to you) quickly but not with your hands (for example, the dictator seized the other country's land)
Grip is to hold on to something tightly with your hands
Q: What is the difference between snatch up and snap up ?
A: "Snap up" isn't really a phrase used by English speakers

Translations of "Snatch"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? it snatched me completely
A: Hi

‘It snatched me completely by surprise’

It is the same as:

‘It caught me completely by surprise’

It basically means that something happened to you, and you were not expecting it to happen.


‘Yesterday I was buying new shoes. As I was paying for them the sales person told me they were on sale for 50% off the regular price. It snatched me completely by surprise!’ 😊

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? snatch
A: Here's how you pronounce it:

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