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    2. Snazzy is like groovy/stylish/cool , as in “that outfit is snazzy”

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    2. Posh= higher class, upper class, luxurious 贅沢な, 裕福な Snazzy= cool, fashionable おしゃれな,ファッション I would say posh is more of a word to describe rich people meanwhile snazzy refers to one's look and appearral. You can look snazzy but that doesn't mean you live in a posh neighborhood.

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    2. In my opinion, snazzy has a casual, playful connotation to it. It's the kind of word that might make someone smile when they hear it, because it's unique, and not used very often. Fancy is more "normal" of a word, without that "fun" connotation to it.

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    2. Snazzy mostly is used of someone's clothes or fashion, so "snazzy shirt" sounds fine. It can also be used in an even more informal way to mean 'cool.' (about an idea or event.) So "snazzy business plan" sounds fine, but don't use informal language like that in a job interview or something! Since it doesn't usually refer to people, saying "snazzy girlfriend" sounds pretty weird.

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