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Q: What does snooty mean?

Snooty - you think that you are better than everybody else

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Q: What does snooty
A: snooty also can describe someone who absolutely refuses to eat a lot of foods offered to them when they claim they are hungry
Q: What does snooty mean?
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Q: What does snooty mean?
A: "Snooty" means being stuck up or being better than other people

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Q: Please show me example sentences with snooty.
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Q: What is the difference between snooty and overbearing ?
A: “Snooty” means a person acts like they are better than everyone. They dislike those below them.
“She refused to ride in my car because it’s an old model. She’s so snooty
“Overbearing” would be a person who acts like they are better, but is aggressively competitive about it and will try to push down others to succeed
“He has an overbearing desire to succeed”
They are similar words but snooty is more mildly annoying, overbearing is more aggressive

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