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    2. He was afraid of the pressure that the people in society would exert on him by way of talking to him, how they treat him, what they say to him, and what they say to others (e.g. to conform to the society's customs, norms, standards of behaviour, attitudes and so forth.

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    2. thanks for the illustration. social/societal package referring to a welfare scheme or something?

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    2. The two words are related, but slightly different. Both words are about how people interact with each other, but the main difference is that societal is bigger than social. Societal usually refers to society overall. So a societal impact in America would be something that affects all (or most) Americans, like a new president or a new major law. Social is more vague and can refer to anything from how you alone interact with others to how society overall acts. A social impact could be something as big as a new president, or as small as you having too much homework so you can't hang out with a friend. So in this case, a societal imapct and a social impact could be the same thing, but saying societal impact is more specific.

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    2. Actually while it's technically correct lolol no one talks like that. you can see it in a book maybe but youd just say "I dont find her pretty". Mostly english speaking countries dont have a set beauty standard, yes there are standards set by society but everyone sticks to what they like personally. So if your friend were to say a girl is cute, they could be to him and not to you. It's common, you can just shrug it off or say "Shes not my type." and it would mean basically the same thing and come off more natural~

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    2. In this instance it would be a goal or movement that someone has deep commitment to. So you could say “Their cause is to help save animals. I think that is very admirable”. In the case of what you’re talking about it sounds like easyfundraising helps different organizations with different charitable goals find finances and volunteers to help them achieve their goals.

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    2. #1 was correct and sounded good.

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