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    2. Conifers are a type of tree. Softwood is the timber (US "lumber") produced from certain trees including some conifers.

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    2. ​‎There are two topics that I newly learnt and am surprised by. Firstly, since I am not familiar with Wood and Biomass Utilization, I actually learnt the fact that there are two types of wood, softwood and hardwood, and how to tell the differences between them. It was interesting that we can recognise which kind of wood pulp composes certain paper products by focusing on the presence of vessel when observing its structure . Secondly, I recognised the extent to which woods can be useful for our life. Paper is mainly made from wood pulp, and paper can be used as a material to write down or record many things. Especially, "Finger touch-triggered audio guidance" was really interesting to me. Since there are many books for blind people to read even if they are not able to read Braille, it would be good for them to read and learn effectively. Also, if they can listen to some notice or direction just by touching posters around town, it could provide them a better and safer life. In addition, the finger touch-triggered audio guidance will help children learn languages. For example, they can learn how to pronounce certain letters when reading a text. I hope that there will be more progress in the functionality of the finger touch-triggered audio guidance and it will contribute to better leaning and safer life.

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