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Q: What does sooo we stopped to eat before and are only gettinng to 태종대 now ㅠㅠ mean?
A: Because they spent time eating, they are arriving at Taejongdae now (and not earlier)

ㅠㅠ = 笑っ
Q: What does sooo hapi, its means so happy? mean?
A: yes.. so happy
Q: What does We can learn sooo man things from each other. mean?
A: I think you mean to say. "We can learn so much from each other. "
Is when two people have different skills and one of them thinks that they could each share and learn a lot from the other person.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with you’re sooo not.
A: To be honest, there aren't any common expressions using this Americanism. It can be placed in front of a sentence or used alone when you're in disbelief, disapproval, disagreement or want to emphasise the "Not"
For example:
"You're so not coming to my party."
"You're so not cool."
"You're so not ready for this."

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I remember when I was abroad I felt sooo scared each time I went out. (Like shopping or going to work) Sometimes I couldn’t even make eye contact with people even with pedestrians lol
Could you correct me?
A: Your sentences don't really need correcting, because it's like something a native English speaker would write.

You could change
"....eye contact with people even with pedestrians lol"
into this
"...eye contact with people, even pedestrians lol".

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Thank you so much, I hope you are always happy :) I’m sooo happy and thankful that I met you and became a friend this year. Let’s share our happiness this year too! Is this natural?
A: Sounds good but on the party that says "I'm so happy and thankful that I met you and became a friend this year" replace the word a with your. "I'm so happy and thankful that I met you and became your friend this year" doing this it makes it sound more natural

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Q: There are sooo many people in the store today, it's really annoying. does this sound natural?
A: Yes, both would work!
Q: I'm sooo happy to hear the great news. does this sound natural?
A: Perfect!
Q: I'm always sooo self-conscious about my accent :(( does this sound natural?
A: it's very understandable and sounds great!
Q: Thank you sooo much for your thoughtful heart. does this sound natural?
A: Try "thank you so much for your thoughtfulness"
Q: Thank you sooo much for the kind birthday wishes. You all made a very happy birthday for me. First, I really want to appreciate my parents that brought me up and support me this 20 years. And my friends are also important for me, without them maybe I cannot enjoy these days. Anyway, I want say is really thank you and love you all!!<3

In these sentences, are there any wrong grammar? If yes, could you correct that? Thank you!!
A: My friends are also important to me; without them my life might not be as enjoyable.

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