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    2. (I added a lot of small words with nuances to make it sound more natural - and reworded some things). Yeah, she has been looking for part time work lately and asked me to help her. I can see that she really wants to get a job- but it’s not all too easy finding one that suits her. We sent in her CV and tried to meet an employer without an appointment but that didn’t work out so well, so she might be disappointed. At first she looked really sad, but after I soothed her and told her that she shouldn’t be disappointed about such a trifle, she looked much better. She wasn’t completely okay at that moment, but I believe that she will be soon. This is because she knows her weak points herself. She wants to fix her bad habits (such as crying a lot easily). Last of all, you shouldn’t overprotect her like this. I’ve never seen an adult woman calling her mother several times a day and sending a text whenever she possibly can. Of course though, I can feel where you’re coming from. I can certainly understand how a mother must feel when her child is living abroad, but I think that it’s a bit too much in this situation. She has matured a lot over the past year (though I can’t say that she has matured beyond her age). Anyway, my point is that sometimes she just needs some time alone. Don’t worry too much even though she doesn’t want to video call with you. You know, it’s not always her - sometimes we do the same thing. From time to time, we also might not want to talk to or see anybody, right?

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    2. If people don’t know the gender of the person/animal they’re talking about, sometimes they use the pronoun “it” instead of “he” or “she”. Other times they use the pronoun “they” or “them”.

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    2. *** Please leave a comment wherever it seems unnatural _ TOEFL writing task *** There was a family named Franklin, living in Tehran. The family was composed of a young couple and their 9-months-old child. The couple was happy until the baby came. Their arguments have started to gradually increase (**or: Since then, their arguments have been gradually increasing). One day the husband, Tom, decided to make an essential change in their common life. He was at work, while his wife, Anna, was at home. He called her and asked “want to hang out this afternoon?” - No, I’m kind of tired. - How about a short travel? Let’s go Dubai for a weekend. - hmmmm, maybe. We can talk more about it tonight. At dinner, Anna stated: - Jim, I don't feel as happy as we were at the beginning of our relationship (*OR: marriage). (** it's best to follow one set of rules for how to use quotes in fiction, I'll try to find you some guidelines). Jim made a jerk* (?? I don't know what you are trying to say), and moved closer to her. He soothed her by saying : - I can relate to what you're your saying… - I feel off these days.. I feel that the love is gone from this [house, better: marriage ]….. our belonging to each other has slacked off…. (I don't know what you are trying to say) Sometimes I think you have *malice* ( not sure what you're trying to say, but this doesn't work) towards me…. Today you said 'let’s travel, [I know you are trying to entertain more with each other…' = don't know what you are trying to say] but, when it comes time to make a decision about the destination, we always argue. I think it would be better to put off any travel plans and get *couples counselling* / (or: visit a marriage therapist). JIM: I hear you… But please don’t forget, You are the most important **godsend of my life** (I don't know what you are trying to say). I will love you as long as as there *are stars in the sky* (*common expression, but you can make up your own. If you want to use stars & light: 'As long as the stars shine').

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