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    2. thank you!

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    2. Something that makes sparks, a piece flint struck with a piece of steel for example can be described as sparky. It it is also a slang term to describe an Electrician.

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    2. In Australia, a 'sparky' is the name for an electrician (電気工事士) . Because electricity can 'spark' (ピカピカ), the slang word is 'sparky' (in Japanese, it could be translated as ピカピカ者)

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    2. I had to look it up, but apparently yes, you can, it means "lively and animated". But I don't think I've ever heard anyone being described as sparky...

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    2. 175: Sounds like she's making a joke. Do we get (hats/shirts/badges)? is a question used when a person is implying they're part of a team or club in a joking way. A little hard to tell exactly because I don't have the context that come before. 177: I need more data to tell. Science camp is something kids go to during the summer where the activities revolve around science, if that helps. 179: Sparky is just a playful nickname. Her character uses it a lot.

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