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Q: What does The spate of storms and hurricanes in recent years could be a statistical quirk. mean?
A: It could be a coincidence that there have been more storms than usual recently, instead of the storms all having a particular cause (climate change).
Q: What does spate mean?
A: Significa que hay mucho y más que es normal.


There has been a spate of robberies (robos) in the last week.

There have been an unusually large number of robberies in the last week.

Significa que hay mucho y más que es normal.

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Q: This fresh spate of construction was the work of a POWER-PLAYING dynasty, the Teofilatti, who employed an impressive variety of means to keep control of the city.

I'm wondering what 'power playing' means in this sentence.

Thanks for your help in advance.
A: Power-playing is when people or organizations do something (in this case construction) to show that they are more strong or powerful than other people or organizations.
Q: What is a spate of thefts ? Is it only seen in written English ?
A: It is used orally - in fact I used it today when saying why I might invest in a safe for use at home.....
Q: I wonder why he is answering a spate of nasty questions. does this sound natural?
A: I wonder why he is answering a bunch of nasty questions.
We never use spate.

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