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Q: What does spatter mean?
A: Specks of something. If you watch the show "CSI", you'll hear "blood spatter" alot

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Q: What is the difference between spatter and splatter ?
A: @5Nosaj5, thank you! :)
Q: What is the difference between spatter and splatter ?
A: @andrew90:

Here are two non-academic sources to look at (which is ok because we're trying to understand how the general population use the two words). It seems like it's a fairly nuanced difference and there also seem to be different interpretations.

To summarise ''
Spatter - small, fine drops of liquid

Splatter - small OR big, heavy drops of liquid

To summarise the top answer on quora:
Spatter - the visible effects the drops of liquid have when they've fallen onto a surface. E.g. Blood spatter on someone's shirt.

Splatter - the action that happens to the liquid so that the drops fly out. E.g. The car splattered the mud everywhere.

So according to quora spatter is potentially used more as a noun whereas splatter is used more as a verb, although both can be used for either.

If you said spatter or splatter in everyday conversation people would know what you're talking about - drops of liquid that have flown onto something.

Hope this helps 👍🏼
Q: What is the difference between spatter and splatter ?
A: Spatter is the motion while splatter is the aftermath. A car tire driving through a puddle spatters the water. But when the water has landed, you look at the water splatter.

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