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Q: What does spawning mean?
A: Lo que hacen los pescados para reproducirse.

Se puede usar en otros contextos con la misma idea de crear descendencia:

Trump's speech spawned various racist terrorist groups.

New right wing terrorist groups are spawning, thanks to Trump.
Q: What does spawn mean?
A: Spawn means produce. This word is not commonly used in English.
Q: What does spawn mean?

If spawn is used as a noun, it could be used as such:

"My spawn are my children"
Q: What does spawn mean?
A: There are numerous definitions for spawn. It is generally used to state that a person is a offspring of someone-else.
Q: What does spawn mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Please show me example sentences with spawn.
A: "Spawn" can usually mean "to create".

"The creation of Intel spawned many other jobs that would also benefit the company's goals, such as companies producing software."

"(Microsoft) Windows computers spawned many competitors, such as Macintosh and Linux."
Q: Please show me example sentences with to spawn.
A: How to spawn eggs.

I want to spawn right in middle of the city.
Q: Please show me example sentences with spawn.

Yes, this would be the primary or most common way to use the word spawn

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Q: What is the difference between spawn and generate ?
A: "Spawn" is used for things that are not machines. The word is usually used to describe how fish and frogs lay eggs.

"Generate" is for machines or concepts.
Q: What is the difference between spawn and engender and procreate and conceive and give birth ?
A: procreate = the overall process of creating a new life, including conception and giving birth. It's quite a scientific word and we hardly ever use it.

conceive = the fun part. Actually, I think it's a few hours after the fun part, I'm not too clear on this. We can also use this word metaphorically: "Trump conceived the idea of building a wall one night after taking a lot of meth."

give birth = the hard part. Dar luz.

spawn = I'm not sure which part of the process it refers to but we usually only use it with fish. Seriously! ("The fish spawn in this river every March.")

engender = not related to the other words, we usually use it like this: "By nominating Trump, America has engendered a feeling of total disbelief around the world."

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Q: spawn Does this sound natural?
A: Sounds great. Try not to add an "-s" sound to spawn.

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