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Q: What does a spongy 3 lb lump mean?
A: A believe they are referring to the brain

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Q: What is the difference between It is almost like a dry spongy ready to initially soak up new information. and It is almost like a dry spongy ready to soak up new information initially. ?
A: I’m sorry, I can find no distinction grammatically nor stylistically. It is fine writing which sets up the reader for further description. If the next sentence is to the effect of “ but/however/nevertheless” etc. then putting “ initially at the end is the better form, making it easier for the reader to keep track of the cobtrast

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Q: it's spongy it's soft fabric,silky
sometimes it's rectangular, Square, triangular, circular and the color may vary. what is it? does this sound natural?
A: Punctuation marks can help the sentence make more sense. One way to fix this is:
“It’s a spongy, soft, and silky fabric. Sometimes it’s rectangular, square, triangular, circular, and the color may vary. What is it?”

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