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Q: What does If I don't have another steak for ten years and I decide I think I'll have another steak, we're coming back here. mean?
A: hello,
this sentence seems to be from a movie or a show. I'll try my best to explain what does this mean -
the person is saying, that he/she had steak at a place which is very very tasty. If just in case that person doesn't eat steak for the next 10 years, and someday suddenly wants to eat steak, then that place is so good, that she would come back to the same place for eating. She/he is ready to have a leap for 10 years without eating steak, but the moment she wants to eat steak again, That place is the only place she/he is willing to visit for eating steak.
it kind of refers that the place is amazing for steak and she/he will want to have that amazing experience again.
hope this helps :)
Q: What does she's fixing country-fried steak and sweet potatoes and green beans she put up last year, for lunch.
In this context, what do 'country-fried' and 'put up' mean? mean?
A: I believe "put up" is referring to the way green beans grow.
"country-fried" is just a style of cooking steak.

This is written in an American country accent. Which is why it may sound odd:)
Good luck:)
Q: What does steak?stake on?
0:58 time mean?
A: Stay Calm = 落ち着け!
ああ ごめん これは 0.55 ですね。
Stay Calm! We'll find him.
I'm watching Saturn now.
Q: What does steak mean?
Q: What does you had me at 'steak'. mean?
A: @h1mawari: The mentioning of steak probably for dinner convinced the speaker to join the person they're speaking with for dinner.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with steak .
A: I made you steak
I want steak
My favourite food is steak
Do you like steak?
Steak is very good
Q: Please show me example sentences with steak.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What is the difference between She doesn't care for steak and She doesn't like to eat steak ?
A: They're the same, but "She doesn't care for steak" is more polite and/or formal.
Q: What is the difference between steak and a steak ?
A: a steak = one steak
Kinda like ステーキが一つ
steak is just general. ステーキ
Q: What is the difference between steak and beefsteak ?
A: Beefsteak is made from cow meat only.
Steak can be from many kinds of animals: beefsteak, pork steak, lamb steak, fish steak...
Q: What is the difference between T-bone steak and filet steak and sirloin steak and club steak ?
A: Area of the cow it is taken from.
Q: What is the difference between I'd like a steak rare, please. and I'd like a rare steak, please. ?
A: Well, it would actually be "I'd like a steak, rare please", to be grammatically correct (I think). But in the end, there's no real difference. Both are asking for a rare steak. However, I guess the first one is a bit more forceful.
For example, if I said, "Move the chair, over there please" then the first clause 'move the chair' is more similar to an order because it's more disconnected from the word 'please'. In 'move the chair over there please', the 'please' seems to apply to all parts of the sentence.

I hope that made sense :-)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "They ordered one steak and one spaghetti." does it make sense?
A: “One steak” is fine. “One spaghetti” is awkward because it’s more commonly referred as “a plate of spaghetti”. So in this case it would be: “They ordered one steak and a plate of spaghetti.”
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? trim the steak nicely, season with and pepper
A: Cut the steak nicely, season with salt and pepper.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? steak
A: Your pronunciation is very good!(:
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? steak hachée
A: chooped
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 고기(steak) 굽기는 어느 정도로 해드릴까요???
A: How well would you like your steak cooked?

How well should I cook your steak?

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Q: What does "The steaks are too high"(3rd paragraph) mean?

A liberal Democratic group says it is leaving “no stone unturned” to get its hands on any damaging information about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid the upcoming contentious confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate.

American Bridge, a liberal political action committee that raised nearly $20 million in the last election, reportedly sent one of its political researchers to the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas this week to comb through its voluminous archives for any troubling information about Kavanaugh's five years as a staff secretary and aide to the former president.

"We believe the public deserves to know the truth about Trump's nominee's beliefs, record, and qualifications, so we are undertaking an aggressive and thorough vet of Brett Kavanaugh," Harrell Kirstein, communications director for American Bridge, told the Dallas Morning News. "We're leaving no stone unturned. The stakes are too high."
A: The stakes, not the steaks.

One of the meaning of "stake" is money or other wager that you gamble on something risky. Saying "the stakes are too high" literally means that "we are playing a risky game, and we wagered too much on it, so if things go bad we will lose a lot." Metaphorically, it simply means that "our potential losses are too great if things go bad".
Q: A: We are steak chain restaurants with more than 100 restaurants in Japan.
B: We are steak chain restaurants with more than 100 shops in Japan.

Please let me know which is better, A or B.
A: Neither

We are a steak restaurant chain with more than 100 restaurants in Japan.
Q: I had a steak for lunch with my friends.
After eating, the results of English skills test was announced.
I passed the test!! Does this sound natural?
A: After eating, the results of English skills test were announced.

The verb is “were” because the subject, “results,” is plural.

Perfect otherwise!
Q: This steak smells nice. Does this sound natural?
A: You can also say "this steak smells good" :)
Q: Their steak is not good enough to drive an hour to get there. It's just not worth the trouble.
(Is it possible to make this into 1 sentence?) Does this sound natural?
A: I'd condense it all the way down to "Their steak isn't worth driving an hour for."

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