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Q: What does steamrolling mean?
A: A steamroller (noun) is a giant, heavy machine that is used to flatten and smooth out new roadway. It is basically a giant heavy wheel that mashes flat everything it rolls over.
To steamroll (verb) someone is to use excessive force or authority to defeat someone or force them to do what you want.
"Their professional football team steamrolled our little team. It was a terrible mismatch."
"Just because they are Facebook doesn't mean that they can steamroll us and force us out of business. We are going to fight this in court."
In this case, a large, older man steamrolled over a child while playing football. He took advantage of his adult size to humiliate and defeat someone much smaller and weaker than he is. That is not something that an adult should do when playing against children, but Boris wanted to win.
Q: What does steamroll mean?
A: It's commonly used for when something gets run over or trampled.

"She just got steamrolled by that car!"
"He got steamrolled by the crowd."
Q: What does "steamroll" in 33 mean?
A: basically, it means that the whether they like it or not the bill is going to be passed. they can fight all they want but the steamroller is coming through. the dictionary I use says this is used in Japanese for steamrolling in regards to voting, if it might help. 強行採決

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Q: Please show me example sentences with steamroll.
A: In English, we don't often use the 'steamroll', an example would be "The team steamrolled their way to the victory". A more informal way of saying this would be to say "The team made their way to the top"

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