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    2. It could be the process of making something free from bacteria, to clean something. Or surgery to make a person or animal unable to reproduce.

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    2. 1. To cleanse thoroughly. “Sterilization is the first step before handling medical equipment.” 2. Make someone unable to reproduce. “Her sterilization surgery ensured she would never get pregnant again.”

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    2. "sterilization" is when you take the sperm out of a male of any species so that, that species cannot reproduce. "Sterile filtration" is filtering something out of a product without negatively affecting the product itself. Normal filtration removes something, without prejudice. From what it sounds like, sterile filtration removes just what you want while ignoring the rest. You have a coke for example and its contaminated with something, Sterile filtration will remove the contaminant without affecting the coke.

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