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Q: What does “They no longer have a strangle over your day”
I see “strangle” in dictionary is a verb, but in this case is used as a noun. I don’t understand the way using like that. Can you help me to explain how to use mean?
A: That seems like an uncommon way to use the word strangle.
“They no longer have control over your day” might be another way to say it.
Q: What does strangle mean?
A: squeeze or constrict the neck of a person or animal especially so as to cause death.
Q: What does strangle mean?
A: to squeeze the neck of something (person, animal) , to choke
Q: What does strangled mean?
A: It's grabbing someone's neck and killing them

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Q: Please show me example sentences with strangle.
A: Strangle means to kill (a person or animal) by squeezing the throat or to stop (something) from growing or developing

The weeds are strangling the plant.

The company is trying to strangle the smaller competition.
Q: Please show me example sentences with strangle.
A: I felt like strangling him after he accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet.

The ship is strangled in the middle of ocean.

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Q: What is the difference between strangle and choke ?
A: When used in the context of "Bob strangled Jerry" or "Bob choked Jerry" they are the same. The difference is that, "Jerry choked on his food" is also a possible use of choke. In that case, the food just got stuck in his throat making it so that he can't breathe, instead of someone wrapping their hands around his throat. Strangle doesn't have that sort of usage.

Another possible difference is that strangle sounds more like Bob is trying to kill Jerry, whereas when you say choke, he might not be trying to kill Jerry but only scare or hurt him.
Q: What is the difference between strangle and choke ?
A: @al_exe Thank you so much ~~
Q: What is the difference between strangle and choke ?
A: they can both mean the same thing, it is when someone puts their hands around a person's neck and that person cannot breathe. but you can also use "choke" to say you have some food stuck in your throat.

My brother is choking me.
My brother is strangling me.

I choked when eating an apple.
Q: What is the difference between strangle and suffocate ?
A: To strangle is to squeeze someone's/something's neck to prevent them from breathing. To suffocate is to be unable to breathe.

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Q: "She tried to strangle her body and her lover helped her finish the evil deed."
It means like, her lover let her keep choking? or he stopped that she commits suicide?
Did she pass away in result of this action?
A: It means he helped her finish the suicide attempt. It looks like she may have passed away, since it stated ‘finish’ the deed.
Q: did you want to strangle me?
did you want to choke me? does this sound natural?
A: Uhhhhh ... yep, natural 😁
Q: what do you consider that is strangle in ingland ??

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