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Q: What does strap mean?

Yes - you can use it as a verb and say that you have strapped something to something.

The materials which you use can be called straps.

I strapped the boxes to the top of the car. I didn't have any rope, so for straps I used a torn sheet.
Q: What does Get the strap mean?
A: It means, go get my belt! (So, I can give you a spanking with it.) It's what parents tell a child who's about to be punished by spanking.
Q: What does get the strap mean?
A: It is used when someone annoys you mightily and you try to scare him/her off by asking someone to GET THE STRAP, which could mean anything fear inducing, like a gun. Other than that they're sometimes being sarcastic about the situation, jokes, you know.
Q: What does get strap mean?
A: Depending on where you are, and I’m a certain context it could mean a gun.
Like “I heard a noise outside the house so I had to get the strap” all the other answers are correct too but where I’m from that what “strap” means
Q: What does "I want to get the straps out on" mean?
A: Your sentence is a bit messy, so I am not sure.

"I want to get _ out" means the person wants to get _ (insert a thing in the blank) out of wherever the _ (thing) is currently at.

"I want to get the straps out of the closet."
"I want to get my toys out of the box."

"Straps out on" does not make sense.
Like said, if you meant "strap-on out" then it is a sexual item/toy. It is basically a fake penis/dildo that typically a woman straps onto their body where a penis would normally be.
This is usually done so they can have a "penis" and use it with/on their partner.

"Straps" could also mean parts of clothes, for example, a woman could pull the straps of her bra back up on her shoulders if they had fallen.

I do hope I made sense!

Example sentences using "Strap"

Q: Please show me example sentences with strap.
A: Are your straps tied? Why do you not like straps?
Q: Please show me example sentences with strap on a pair.
A: I strap on a pair of sneakers and I’m ready to go.

Every day, she straps on a pair of her favorite sandals.
Q: Please show me example sentences with strap in .
A: Strap in... it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Q: What is the difference between strap and strip ?
A: A strip is usually a loose, rectangular length of material. Some common examples are “strips of paper,” “power strips,” and “strip malls.” All of these are long, rectangular segments.

A strap is also long and rectangular, but has a specific purpose of securing something in. Buckling one’s seatbelt is often referred to as “strapping in.”
Q: What is the difference between "She holds on the strap on the train." and "She holds onto the strap on the train." ?
A: Thanks for your feedback! Aha! "hold the strap"! How about "hold on to the strap" instead of "hold onto the strap"? Is it still OK?
Q: What is the difference between strap and strip ?
A: "Strap" means a narrow piece of leather or other strong material used for fastening sth, and it could be a verb as well. e.g. strap sth up.

"strip" means removing or taking off sth's cover. e.g. strip the peel of apple.

Translations of "Strap"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? strap
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what is a invisible straps?
A: Or you can say what are invisible straps, if you're talking about more than one. 😎

Other questions about "Strap"

Q: What do you call this?
a strap?
put the strap around you wrist?
A: A wrist strap
Q: A strap to keep your wireless earbuds in place Does this sound natural?
A: Yes!! It makes sense
Q: according to how to use this strap attached on the dress, we can creat various feelings Does this sound natural?
A: "...we can create different *looks* for them."
Q: "The strap of my bag broke, so I want to get it fixed." Does this sound natural?
A: Very good
Q: In tank-tops/wife-beaters how are the two straps of fabric, connecting the main torso area the back area, called? (The ones that go over the shoulders)
A: "Straps" or "strings."

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