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Q: What does striking for excellent mean?
A: I think it means that you want to be "better from the best of it" like Ex. Right now You are top 2 student in your class then if you by doing better from the best eventually you will be top 1 already
Q: What does striking out mean?
A: It comes from baseball. In baseball, if the batter misses the ball 3 times, he strikes out and has to leave the field until his turn comes up again.

Because of that, we also use it to mean that you tried to do something and failed.
“I really struck out today. I went to every single store in our area but none of them had what I needed.”
Q: What does striking mean?
A: In this usage it simply means that the sun is shining on the snow or literally “the sunlight is hitting the snow”.

1. The sun strikes my face when I walk outside in the morning.
2. My lamp light strikes my paper as I write.

Keep in mind this usage is more artistic rather than common use so you won’t really here people say it. Hope this helps!
Q: What does striking lucky mean?
A: Yeah. It'd be sometimes used when referencing the lottery or gambling, etc.

"I hope I strike lucky tonight" somebody could say while walking into the casino.
Q: What does "striking" in 309 mean?
A: Protesting by walking off the job. (Holding a strike.)

By the way, g_fuxi-san, I noticed you had an answer on your "cord" question. For some reason, HiNative blanks my screen and starts over when I go into that question, so if you had a further question, I am unable to answer it. Sorry!

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Q: Please show me example sentences with striking.
A: striking: is an adjective and it means to attract attention

The river is a place of striking beauty
Her green eyes are striking.
What a striking movie!
Q: Please show me example sentences with striking.
A: “her appearance was striking.” “ striking a match”
Q: Please show me example sentences with striking .
A: She has a striking resemblance to her mother.
You look striking!
Stop striking the stone with the knife.
Q: Please show me example sentences with striking up.
A: Mm I feel striking up is only really heard in these kinds of examples:
"striking up a conversation" or "striking up a friendship (maybe?)" But in my opinion it's mostly used as slang for starting a conversation.

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Q: What is the difference between striking and noticeable and conspicuous ?
A: noticeable doesn't necessarily mean something is REALLY easy to see. striking and conspicuous mean something is so noticeable, that you probably can't miss it or ignore it.
Q: What is the difference between striking and distinctive and conspicuous ?
A: The woman had a striking face that really stood out. Striking has more to do with shock and awe.
I could easily see my friend in the group because of his distinctive outfit. Distinctive is something that you can easily recognize.
The man looked conspicuous, so everyone avoided him. Conspicuous is something that stands out because it looks creepy.
Q: What is the difference between striking and flashy ?
A: both can be used in a sentence, but personally flashy would spund better in a sentence
Q: What is the difference between striking and arresting and catchy and impressive ?
A: "Striking" can be used as a verb for when you hit someone, or as an adjective to say something/someone looks really nice.

That tuxedo looks striking on you!

I asked him to stop striking me.

"Arresting" means that a police officer is putting someone in jail.

I saw the officer arrest my brother for treason.

"Catchy" means that something is memorable. Songs are usually catchy because they have a good tune.

This song is so catchy, I love it!

Impressive means someone did something very well.

That song she played on the piano was very impressive.

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Q: « Hoping to striking it rich » or « hoping of striking it rich » Does this sound natural?
A: Hoping to strike it rich (hope as verb + to)


With hopes of striking it rich (hope as noun + of)
Q: "striking up" Does this sound natural?
A: Sounds good but you still have to work on "Striking up"

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