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Q: I’m studding English.
I want to increase the conversation story.

My name is Tomoyo.
Ilive in TOKYO.
I'm the mother of two children.
sun and youngest daughter.

Ilike the NATTO in Japanese food.
NATTO is fermented foods.
Made some soybeans.
characteristic smell.
Japanese likes or not like to divide.
does this sound natural?
A: *studying
You could say “I’m the mother of two children— I have a son and a daughter.
Q: I’m studding English because at the university I need to read articles and the library’s books are in English. In the world the science is writing in English. After of a time I have loved the English. does this sound natural?
A: "I am studying English because the articles and library books I need to read at the university are in English. Throughout the world, science is written in English. After some time I loved English."

It's not a perfect editing, but you can see some of the grammatical changes i made

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