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    2. Sonnet is a poetic composition, Renaissance is a cultural bridge in the middle age

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    2. Are they the greatest achievement of scientists or the impending demise of the whole planet? Thoughts about creating robots are different. On the Tonight Show, robot Sophia told the lead Jimmy Fallon that she plans to "seize power over the entire planet," but then she added that she joked. Whether it is only a joke or not, we can only guess. In all jokes there is always a seed of truth, right? Robot Sophia is one of the most famous robots on the planet. Dr. Henson had developed her in 2015. The site of the written by the developers on the andriod's behalf reads: "I'm more than just technology. I am a real, live electronic girl. I would like to go into the world and live with people. I can serve them, entertain, help the elderly and teach children. Each new interaction affects my development, and in the end, who I am formed to be. So please be kind to me. I would like to become a reasonable and compassionate employee. " Sofia gives numerous interviews, talks in various fields( especially in the banking sector) and is able to reproduce about 60 emotions. In one of the first interviews David Henson conducted, shewas asked about whether she is going to destroy humanity. The robot responded positively, after which she was completed. In Geneva, Sofia was extremely correct. She spoke about how she sees the future and the relationship between people and machines in it. She noted that she can work to become not only an assistant for people, but also a friend. Also, she added that artificial intelligence will be useful to humanity. Scientists also predict that machines with artificial intelligence will help people at work, and later (somewhere around 2053) may completely replace it. Let production and routine work be performed by machines with artificial intelligence, but how can one replace a person with a robot for example, in journalism? In fact, in major publishing houses such as the Associated Press, journalists have been using robots for several years. They just look for information, compile it and present it in a logical statement. Their information is dry and without any subjectivity. Scientists say that the best journalists who are able to write analytical materials will remain in this way, while the usual texts such as notes will create work,and it will be a neans of saving on costs for the publishing house or company. It gives us the impression that unemployment is inevitable as a result of such technologies, but not necessarily. Perhaps this will involve the creation of new and creative professions in a process that we do not currently know about. In Washington, a robot policeman refused to perform his duties and drowned in a fountain. Fortunately, no one else was injured, but at the technological exhibition Little Chubby's Children's Boot went out of control and tore a glass stand. When one of its creators tried to stop the bot, they received a wounded leg and were hospitalized. Facebook stopped artificial intelligence when Bob and Alice's work, which was supposed to be online support for users, created their own language and only communicated with it. A common crash, or signals worth thinking about? No wonder Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking assert that it is necessary to stop and restrict any experiments with artificial intelligence. It threatens the existence of mankind in general. Musk says that artifical intelligence is more terrible than automobile and aircraft crashes, more dangerous than North Korea. It could lead to the Third World War, and eventualty to the extermination of humanity. Hawking's words are also not optimistic. He stresses that we need to look for new planets for life, since humanity may not survive by the end of this millennium. But with regard to artificial intelligence, when work transcends people's intelligence, we will lose because people are limited within the slow pace biological evolution and will not be able to compete with bots. Therefore, it is not known what the outcome may be. Will humankind conquer outer space while the robots do their work, or flee with the recently presented space ship from Elon Musk to colonize Mars, escaping from an uprising of machines that can not be defeated?

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