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    2. It means no important reason, not enough reason.

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    2. substantial means something of considerable size or importance Substantive means of or relating to substance

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    2. Warning - this is a very informal definition :) A noun is a single word that you can put the word 'the' in front of. Example: dog - the dog A substantive is a group of words that you can put the word 'the' in front of. Example: clever old dog - the clever old dog

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    2. 'why' para fazer perguntas e because ou 'cause para responder.

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    2. I have rephrased some of it, to flow better. If you have any questions or such feel free to ask but I hope this helps. Good luck! "It is an undeniable fact that numerous developing nations still demand global cooperation. Some would argue that financial assistance will lead to effective result within developing countries whilst others believe that practical counselling would bring better ramifications. This essay agrees that the international community should focus on practical support instead of temporary economical assistance. As a consequence, it will lead to developing countries having the ability to solve their own problems. Admittedly, Supporting developing countries is one of the most significant ways to get out of poverty. Also, underdeveloped countries have a lack of immediate resources such as food, money or water. For example, In 2014, UNICEF researched that 25% of new-born babies born in Africa were dying out from cold and hunger. This was because their parents had no financial ability to purchase clothes or food. Therefore, there are still underdeveloped countries that are in need of substantive aid. It is true that some poor nations suffer with lack of commodity. Nevertheless, we cannot discount that fact that although numerous of unwealthy countries have lavish resources, they still stay at an underdeveloped level. For instance, The Venezuela Government have and hold a vast amount of financial resources. Despite this, most of the population have a serious problem when it comes to purchasing basic food products. It is because of corruption among wealthy political figures. As seen from the example, not every country requires financial support as doing so the population that require the aid may never receive it as the money may be spread out amongst the wealthy instead. To conclude, each poor nation struggles with different obstacles and I believe that the world should support these underdeveloped countries with helpful advice and not just temporary expedient."

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    2. For some reason "literal" and "literally" have become very popular lately, and people add them to sentences even if they don't need to, so "apocalypse" would have been fine. When you add literal it means you're not exaggerating or joking, it's the real apocalypse!

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    2. The debate over whether university education should prepare students for employment or help students acquire theoretical knowledge has continued for years. I believe that the magnitude (importance?) of acquiring theoretical knowledge in college is superior over preparing students for employment. In terms of substantive level, the reason mentioned below seems to be advisable and deserve more consideration. First and foremost, it is equally true that we are in the optimum stage of study, which is inclusive of our patience and diligence. Owing to the employment is an empricial thing that students enable reaping increasingly advantageous experience by themselves rather than systematically received avid knowledge concerning employment from university education. Accordingly, we ought to exert ourselves to learn professional knowledge. Further, there is a more subtle point we must consider. Learning knowledge about our major is an exceptionally integral part during our college years that will lay down a substantial foundation for any future work. Only if we press forward on ourselves specialized knowledge can we mitigate those corresponding problems and consolidate our professional ability. ~ Many people argue that learning employment skills are just as important, or even more important, than learning theoretical knowledge. Doing hands-on tasks and applying the knowledge that has been learnt in lectures and classes means that after college ends and students enter the real world to look for a job, they will be able to show a potential employer that they have learnt these skills and are a good candidate for a job.~ To sum up, ~learning both theoretical knowledge and employment skills is important, but the interplay between these two fields can be what has the best result.~ My opinion is also leaning towards enhancing individual theoretical knowledge as to your major in university is better than preparing for employment. (你可以在这里深入解释你的意见) Whether my point of view is correct or incorrect is a difficult question to answer, yet the comfort or convenience it brings will not be eliminated. 我正在使用翻译应用程序,对不起,如果它没有意义。 我的中文是不好 😂

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