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Q: What does "she committed suicide by hanging back" mean?
A: It means somthing like she was holding herself back so much she committed suicide
Q: What does I'll be your suicide mean?
A: The reference to suicide here is because B wants to fight A. A is saying that this is like suicide because A will definitely win.

Or in other words, "I'm so much stronger than you, if we fight I will kill you. So I won't fight you."
Q: What does A:I will swallow the suicide pill before I betray the cause during interrogation. B:That will be your intent, yes, until he tortures you mean?
A: "I will swallow the blackened pill" is the same thing as saying, "I will commit suicide"
Q: What does suicide list mean?
A: It is typically a list of people who are at danger of killing themselves and need extra care to watch over in order to ensure that doesn't happen.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with suicide.
A: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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Q: What is the difference between suicide and kill oneself ?
A: The meaning of both is identical.

If someone unfortunately kills himself or herself accidentally, that could also be “killing oneself” and not suicide (suicide is intentional) but I think people would be more inclined to say that the person “died accidentally.”
Q: What is the difference between committed suicide and suicide ?
A: Commit這個字有「犯...錯」的意思。例如Commit a crime. / 犯罪。

自殺視為是犯錯,所以英文習慣搭配commit, commit suicide就是自殺的動詞。
Q: What is the difference between suicide and kill myself ?
A: Suicide is just the name for killing oneself. (Homicide is killing someone else)
Q: What is the difference between commit suicide and suicide and kill oneself ?
A: Commit suicide: Telling one to do the act of killing them self.
Suicide: the actual act of killing yourself
Kill oneself: a 'proper' way to tell someone to kill them self.
-There isn't a nice way to say kill your self, and it really shouldn't be said at all
But that is just my opinion-
Q: What is the difference between commit suicide and kill myself and have you ever thought about committing suicide? ?
A: Both mean the same thing, but "commit suicide" can also be talking about someone other than yourself.
"That man said he wants to commit suicide."
"I want to kill myself."

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? suicide
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? suicide squad
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 自殺未遂(じさつみすい)= an attempted suicide or a suicide attempt
A: You're correct ^^
You can also say, "An unsuccessful suicide"

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Q: There was a suicide in this building. Since then, they say this building is haunted. does this sound natural?
A: There was ever a suicide in this building, which has frequently been being reported to be haunted since then.
Q: If you have suicide i'll have to same does this sound natural?
A: If you commit suicide, I'll have to do the same. (Are you okay??)
Q: He committed a suicide does this sound natural?
A: “He committed suicide” you would not need “a”
Q: Sometimes I feel like I'm better off dead, but I refuse to commit suicide! I'll continue to live! does this sound natural?
A: Think about everything you wouldn't have seen if you had died last year. You should keep living for all the good things to come.
Q: Why is suicide considered wrong ?
A: I don't think suicide is wrong, but is an illness. You shouldn't kill yourself because you have a whole life ahead of you. I think people should surround themselves with others and talk to them. There are also suicide hotlines in every country :)
It's very difficult, but you have to push through it. It's sad that some people don't make it..
I've been on this road before. I use to get bullied in middle school and thought about suicide. I'm grateful that I've gotten better ^^

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