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Q: What does sundown, significa atardecer o anochecer?? mean?
A: Me imagino que es más como el atardecer. Es cuando el sol se esconde atrás del horizonte.
Q: What does sundown mean?
A: The time of day when the sun begins to go down and the day turns into night.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with sundown vs sunset.
A: SafiyaLou
I don't believe we do say sun to go down. I would say, "It's almost sundown."

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Q: What is the difference between sundown and sunset ?
A: Sundown is a time. Like Noon or twilight or dawn. You could say "meet at the restaurant at sundown." Sunset is what you see when the day turns into night. "What a beautiful sunset!" is something you might hear.

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Q: sundown is always magic even it's covered by clouds. does this sound natural?
A: Do you mean:

Sunset is always magical even if it's covered by clouds.

You can use even when too as suggested by . I think it is better.
Q: what does mean "sundown" in that music?
A: I think they are saying "sundown" like sunset or nightfall

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