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Q: What does that doesn’t follow like the normal typical superhero storyline like all complete “buttoned up”. mean?
A: i dont understand.
Q: What does I think it might take more than you getting laid to turn you into a superhero. mean?
A: It might mean that this person needs to do more whole-heartedly good deeds, in order to become a real ‘superhero’.

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Q: What is the difference between I'm no superhero. and I'm not a superhero. ?
A: They mean the same thing.
The first one (no + X) is usually used to convey that the listener would be mistaken to think that X is true.

I’m no superhero. I just try to help people when I can.

My mother is no fool. She knew that I was lying.

Harvard is no school for idiots. They accepted you because they know that you are brilliant. Have some self-confidence!

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? superheroes
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What is the most popular superhero in USA?
A: Alright, let's see. I listened to a review of The Dark Knight trilogy, and wrote down some useful vocab.
I will try my best to explain, but you can also look them up in ENG-JPN dictionary.

Basic movie vocab:
Performance: How the actor played the character. [Heath Ledger's brilliant and convincing performance as Joker was the highlight of the movie series for me]
Cinematography: How the movie is filmed, the visuals. The different angles, lighting, etc. [The cinematopraphy was breathtaking, and immersed the viewer in the experience.]
Plot hole: Parts of a story that did not make sense, or information that is missing. [The movie had many plot holes, which made it confusing.]

Now some adjectives you can use to describe that vocab (I tried my best to find translations):
comical (お笑い)
captivating (魅惑的な)
gruesome (凄惨)
well-developed (plot? character?) [戯作者がどのようにストーリーを展開させるかを楽しむよう << この感じですね」
gripping (story, scene) [手に汗を握る物語]
complex (複雑な),
thrilling (勇壮な・スリリング?),
gritty (厳しい)
haunting (脳裏に焼き付いて離れない),
disturbing (不安にさせ),
memorable (とても思い出に残っている)
suspensful (サスペンス),
immersive (没入型),
tense (不安な),
moving (感動的な),
realistic (現実的である)

"I couldn't guess what would happen next!"
(character) was played brilliantly by (actor)
"I was immersed in the story (it was so interesting)"
The cinematography was breathtaking!
The movie has epic fight scenes,
It had a satisfying ending, I left the movie feeling pleased/happy.
Q: Which is correct?
1.Why is not he a superhero?
2.Why he is not a superhero?
3.I don't know what can I do for you?
4.I don't know what I can do for you?
A: 1and 3
(I guess)
Q: I'm not a superhero does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: who is your favorite superhero? and why?
A: Iron man because he's smart and funny
Q: I look like a superhero, this can seen in the size of my smile and among other. does this sound natural?
A: I look like a superhero; this can be seen in the size of my smile among other things.

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