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Q: What does symposium mean?
A: A meeting of professionals in one field, especially one kind of science or medicine
Q: What does The international symposium on Online Journalism held at the University of Texas brought together scholars around the topics of data,drones "drones" mean?
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Q: What is the difference between symposium and workshop or events or meeting...(in the case of business) ?
A: Symposium- this word isn't used very often, but it is a conference where many experts of academics gather to discuss a particular subject.

Ex. He had been taking part in an international symposium on population

Workshop- a seminar or discussion group that is used to educate people on a particular subject

Ex. Pepe has been running a writers workshop for his English students over the summer

Event- a social gathering for something

Ex. A major sporting event is being held at our high school.

Meeting- coworkers meet up with each other to discuss their company, business, or any other issue

Ex. I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow to discuss our company's performance

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Q: What is the difference between symposium and colloquium ?
A: Whilst they can be used interchangeably, a symposium is generally a meeting between individuals in an academic environment, to discuss a specific topic of importance to those attending. This differs from a colloquium in that a colloquium is a meeting of mainly researchers within certain fields of science or other subjects, to discuss the progress (or lack thereof) within their respective fields.

The word symposium, however, is the more commonly used term.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? symposium,swathe
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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? symposium
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Q: We held an academic symposium last year. We had about 700 participants for the three-day event. does this sound natural?
A: Yes "for" is good.
You could also use "at" but "for" sounds better.
Q: I could hardly keep awake during that boring symposium. does this sound natural?
A: symposium would be weird to use, at least I haven't heard anyone use it in my life yet
"I could hardly keep/stay awake during that boring conference/meeting"
Q: After the symposium on 19th November, We are planning an official dinner party at Japanese style restaurant. Please enjoy the party.
We will also hold a reception on 18th November. We humbly request the pleasure of your presence at the reception. does this sound natural?
A: if possible i would just say 'japanese restaurant' unless it somehow doesn't qualify as one.

the last bit is a bit stiff - i understand in japanese that this is what you literally wish to convey with いただいてお願いします etc but here 'We humbly request your presence at the reception' will do.
Q: We are sorry to rush you, but please let us know if you will be unable to attend the symposium due to the venue change by the end of April.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
does this sound natural?
A: You might want to reword it to remove ambiguity. Try "...please let us know by the end of April if you will be unable to attend the symposium due to the venue change." This way it's more clear that you need to hear back by the end of April, and not that the venue is changing by the end of April.

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