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    2. Could either mean driving very close to someone in front of you, or a celebration before a sporting event. American football fans gather in the parking lots hours before a big game to tailgate. Original meaning comes from people gathering their pickup trucks and putting the tailgate down so they can sit on the bed of the truck.

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    2. A tailgate is the thing on the back of a truck.

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    2. The noun tailgate is the fold-down door on the back of a pickup truck. The verb tailgate can mean one of two things: To tailgate is to follow very close to the car in front of you when driving. To tailgate is to hang around in the parking lot before, during, or after a sporting event, generally drinking beer and grilling food.

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    2. It depends on the situation. What is the context?

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    2. It has a few different meanings. First, it's the name of the back part of a truck. It's the door that can be pulled down so you can access the back of the truck. Second, "to tailgate someone" or "be tailgated" means to drive really really close behind the car in front of you, to the point that it's unsafe or makes the other driver nervous. Lastly, a tailgate or "to tailgate" is basically a party that's in a (usually full) parking lot, usually before a football game, baseball game, or other big sporting event. It's called a tailgate because people hang around at the tailgate of a car and grill, drink beer, meet friends, play games, and just generally pass the time until the game starts.

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    2. Tailgate is to follow someone’s car very closely from behind. (Emphasis on “from behind”) Ex. Car A is tailgating Car B. Cut off is when someone moves into your lane and almost hits you in front. (Emphasis on “in front”) Ex. Don’t cut in front of me. Stop cutting me off!

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