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    2. Can you include more of the text? A "tangent" is often a little side fact or comment about a topic that is related to the main point but maybe not very important. For example: "We were learning about the past tense in English class today, but the teacher went off on a10 minute tangent about her childhood." -The childhood of the teacher may be related to the main topic, (past tense), but it is technically off-topic. " To drive home" can mean "to really make you understand something." I believe it is a baseball reference actually. "This next point will really drive my argument home." So, your speaker may be saying: - This little story/explanation that I will give you now may not be related to the main topic, but it is will help you to understand the purpose of ____.

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    2. Tangent means something or a thought that touches but doesn't intersect. Like if someone is talking about a problem at work and then suddenly starts talking about something that happened to them in elementary school.

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    2. This is an example of going off on a tangent in a conversation. I was talking to my sister about her birthday party that happened yesterday. She told me that it went well and she had fun. I asked her who was all there at the party. She then went off on a tangent and began talking about tomorrow's plan to avoid my question.

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    2. -I swear, every day, my teacher goes off on a tangent in the middle of the lesson! -Sorry, to have gone on a tangent there, but you get my point, right? -Every time you go on a tangent, I forget what we were even talking about.

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    2. "Go off in a tangent" is a very common expression and does not sound weird at all. It will actually make you sound more like a native. :)

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    2. In these instances, a tangent- is a diversion or distraction from the conversation you were having. For example- if you were talking about what time you should come over for a steak dinner, and your friend begins talking about a steak he ate 3 years ago, and then the vacation he was on 3 years ago when he ate the steak- he has gone on a tangent. So you can say someone went on a tangent, something was a tangent, or you can say something was tangential- which is the adjective form. The word comes from mathematics and is a line that touches one point on the edge of a circle. so the conversation is like the circle and the tangent is like your friend's thoughts- they may have met at one point, but quickly depart from eachother.

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