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    2. I prefer this article because I am interested in what new technologies there will be in the city of the future which will make life easier, like a green building or a road which charges the cars.

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    2. No problem. Anytime!

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    2. Today I’m going to talk about the following notion: the idea of progress. First of all, I would like to define what progress means to me. The definition that I would give it is that progress is the idea that the world can become better thanks to the evolution of science, technology, and as a result of this, quality of life. In my view, the most interesting, pleasing and positive manifestation of progress is robots. As far as I’m concerned, I strongly support the fact that robots will change our lives in the future. Indeed, they are machine-controlled by a computer that is used to perform a complex series of actions automatically. The reason why I feel pleased with the introduction of robots into our society is that it could have a beneficial impact on my entourage. Let’s take my mother, for example. She is a night nurse, and during the rest of the day she’s at home spending hours cleaning the house and preparing food for my father and I. She often complains about being tired and not ever having a second to get some rest. But now with the evolution of robots, some will be able to help with these chores, and could therefore allow her to relax. Under this category falls autonomous vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Now I would like to talk about Leka. The Leka smart toy is a robot who helps children affected by autism and other developmental disabilities be able to learn and communicate with others better. When I was in primary school, I had a friend with autism who was 5 years older than me and we shared the same hobbies. However, through the years, I began to become more interested in other things and we drifted apart. I think that robots like Leka could allow them to keep loyal friends, make sure that they don’t end up only knowing the feeling of abandonment, and help them grow at their own pace. Finally, robots can help with risky jobs such as underground or mine work, but also in the medical field. There is a robot named Robodoc that is able to perform hip surgery without the help of an actual surgeon. I think that many people agree with me about the fact that robots improve our quality of life. They help us progress, save lives, and allow us to have better accuracy. However, it is true that some people disagree with the introduction of robots into our lives. They believe that it can be dangerous, which does hold some truth. As Isaac Asimov said, we must impose rules to avoid Hollywood scenarios such as ‘The Terminator’. There are also people who are upset about robots potentially replacing many of the jobs in our society. However, these people seem to forget that even if some jobs do in fact disappear, a lot of new jobs will come onto the scene. Each robot will need a human capable of repairing and improving it, and thus new employment opportunities are developed.

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    2. As medical technology has progressed, humankind has begun to live longer.

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