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Q: What does teens mean?
A: teens is the short word for teenagers ( kids from age of 13 to 19 )
Q: What does most teens text friends daily mean?
A: Generalization about teenagers and using applications to write their friends on a daily basis
Q: What does teens drink bleach mean?
A: Bleach is a liquid used when washing clothes and cleaning. It is extremely toxic. So when someone drinks it, they intend to kill themselves.
Q: What does teens mean?
A: Short for the word "teenagers."
Teenagers are people from the ages 13 to 19.
Q: What does teens ask me that "where can i find bud?" is this means weed ? mean?
A: Yes. That's exactly what they are asking lol.

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Q: What is the difference between teens and teenagers ?
A: Same meaning.
Teens is a shorter, casual, and cool way to say teenagers.
"The teens like skating." = "Teenagers like skating."
Q: What is the difference between when I was in my teens and when I was a teenager ?
A: 同じ意味ですね。使い方だけは違います。
"in my teens" - 前置詞句
"teenager" - 名詞

◯ He is _a_ teenager. (十代の者)

◯ He is in his 20s (20代)
◯ He is a 20 year old (20歳の人)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? he is in his teens
A: You wrote it well. I'll say it for you.

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Q: I thought you were in your early teens.
I thought you were in your mid teens.
I thought you were in your late teens.

Are these expressions natural?
A: Yup, they're natural
Q: “She spent her teens kissing boys.” Does the word “teens” mean adolescence or youth? Could you guys explain that expression to me?
A: "Teens" is short for "Teenage years", which are between ages 13 and 19. Also, "adolescence" and "youth" can mean the same thing in certain contexts. While "youth" can always describe adolescence, "adolescence" may not always describe youth, because youth may refer to ages that are younger than adolescents.
Q: Some teens don't like do sport but it seems for them interesting to do it in a game with friends does this sound natural?
A: I think you're trying to say, "Some teens don't like sports but enjoy playing casual games with friends."

By "casual games" I mean the kind of game (soccer, basketball, etc) that you might play with people in your neighborhood, just for fun.
Q: More and more teens are opting to use acronyms rather than spell out words while texting to hide behavior from their parents. does this sound natural?
A: A little long, but perfect! You can use commas to add pauses, separate the parts of your sentence, and make it easier to read.

"More and more teens are opting to use acronyms, rather than spell out words while texting, to hide behavior from their parents."
Q: When I was in my teens, the concept of orthodontics was not widely known in Japan. There were many friends who had awfully aligned teeth, but they didn't really care. Very few received orthodontic treatment. Today, I see on TV many talents, sports players, even comedians wearing braces on their teeth. does this sound natural?
A: It sounds completely natural. You had some misplaced commas, but if spoken, it would be fine.

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