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    2. (My opinion of the TMNT movie from 2014) This was my first time to watch the TMNT series. It was awesome! I loved it! When it comes to turtles, I thought they would be the epitome of slowness. But the Turtles were so fast and were even able to use Nijutu! Amazing! It was strange for me that the Turtles left the word "家門"; I've never used it. As for me, I would leave "天誅(tentyu)" instead which means "beating the evil instead of the God". But it was not a bad thing. We Japanese also use Japanese-English, which would be strange for you. The different feelings make it enjoyable for me. I love Raphael ///(side note: so do I), and also the others. I like the last scene where he accepted his death and shared his inner thoughts and feelings, but he didn't die and felt embarrassed. It was so cute! And I also like the scene where he picked up the weapons of his brothers. I really like the situation where someone fights with the weapons of their pals. (Though it was not in real in the movie) I was so excited. And the best scene was where he (who is 'he'? or do you mean 'they') was ('was' should be 'were' if you change 'he' to 'they' training. Who could have thought that the turtle could knit while on a tricycle! It was so funny! And about Shredder and the weapon! Unfair! He must have not been told in his childhood, "don't throw things at someone"! I always wondered why villians earn money by harming people. If they are smart, they should earn money by making people smile. People would be happy, serious incidents won't occur, and the movie won't be made. Oops! That will make me unhappy. There are lots of other topics I want to talk about, such as the actions, about Verne, about what I couldn't understandat all in English and so on. If I tell you everything, this letter will be too long. So I'll finish it here for now. I'll try other TMNT series. Thank you for reading.

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