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    2. These days, whether discrimination against older workers should be made illegal or not has attracted numerous controversies and attention from the public. Some people believe that age discrimination is unfair, while others hold the view that it's natural for companies to choose proper staff. Factors to be considered include one's age. From my point of view, I believe that there is a certain amount of truth in this statement. This essay will give my explanations along with some examples. To begin with, there are numerous advantages coming from making discrimination against older workers illegal. Firstly, it can cheer older workers up, make them feel respected, and motivate them to devote themselves into work. Secondly, it will push other issues like for gender discrimination improvement. As a result, these benefits are vital to society. However, there are also several disadvantages resulting from making age discrimination illegal, which is important. First of all, there are many companies and industries that need only young workers, like car making, older workers don't have the capability for this type of work, so companies can't employ them. Also, the force to employ older workers will have a bad effect on the employment of younger ones. It will be unfair for young workers if they should have the same wages as elders. Hence, this drawback should be avoided. In conclusion, after weighing the pros and cons, I was overall convinced that we should be careful in making discrimination against older workers illegal. ♡

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