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Q: What does thot mean?
A: That is a very unfriendly word that can be used to refer to women who are players or who have a wild or nasty character, and if you called a woman this, she could possibly slap you, so I would recommend not using it :)
Q: What does thot mean?
A: maybe we can ask you bro? 😁😞
Q: What does thot mean?
A: "That hoe over there"....or basically that person sleeps around a lot.
Q: What does thot mean?
A: @danilibreros: that hoe over there
Q: What does thot mean?
A: Esas son malas palabras ahaha C: pero es el equivalente a "hoe", y ambas significan "mujer fácil" para no decirlo tan feo :p Espero te ayude C:

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Q: Please show me example sentences with thot and brat, i don't understand what does it mean when someone says "you're such a brat" or "thot".
A: This is an abbreviation for a word to insult people. if someone said you are a thot they are trying to insult you
Q: Please show me example sentences with thot .
A: As far as I know “thot” is not a word in English.

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Q: What is the difference between thot and slut ?
A: The meaning is the same, I believe.
"Slut" is an established part of the language, while "thot" is more recent and meme-y, so it will likely go out of style in a few years.
Q: What is the difference between thot and slut ?

You're probably better off posting this on Pornhub. No doubt their message boards are filled with geniuses all too willing to help you out

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? thot
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What does "thot" mean?
A: It's basically a derogatory word for a woman who sleeps/is with several men/other people.
Q: Why "thot" in American dialects without cot-caught merger is pronounced as [θɔt] and not as [θɑt]?
A: That's an wild thing to say. English doesn't "break the rules" any more than spaceships "break the rules" of physics. It's not always obvious why english is the way it is but that doesn't mean english speakers are just acting randomly in ways that no other language speakers do.
@Mr_Cat I'm not sure where you got this impression, but I would push back on it.
In accents without the merger, "thot" is pronounced [θɑt] and "thought" is pronounced [θɔt].
English has a lot of dialects, and not all dialects where the [ɔ]/[ɑ] merger is popular use the same vowel. I have the merger and say [θɑt], but some other dialects with the merger might say [θɔt] in both cases. So you could find either word pronounced in tons of different ways. Thot should have the same vowel as Hot though, if you ask one person.
The word has spread mostly through social media, so most people are pronouncing it based on their interpretation of how it's spelled, so it would be very strange indeed if someone pronounced it as [θɔt] but pronounced cot as [kɑt]. Where did you hear [θɔt]?
Q: what does thot mean? been seeing it all over the internet comments.
A: Suprised that you didn't already know what this meant...

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