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Q: What does thrifting mean?
A: It means that you are going to buy clothes that other people have worn before.
"Let's go thrifting."
"I really like to go thrifting on the weekends."
Q: What does thrifting mean?
A: un "thrift store" è un negozio dove la gente danno cose ha già utilizato: vestiti, mobili, scarpe, giochi....etc. Una persona chi compra queste cose sta "thrifting". è molto economico, ma un pò dificile trovare cose belle.
Q: What does thrifting mean?
A: @wkw1203: It would probably mean buying things at a thift shop. A thift shop (op-shop in Australia) is a store that sells cheap secondhand goods (mostly clothes etc). Thifting is probably meaning to go shopping at those shops looking for a good deal.
please note that to an Australian this sounds very American, I'm not sure what Brits say but in Australia it's "op-shopping"

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? thrifting
A: Check the question to view the answer

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