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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? tofel
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Q: this is my first tofel essay. en writing is very hard for me. i really need someone help me improve it, meanwhile i am very glad to help who want to improve his Chinese.

A: College student lives involved many kinds of sports and activities, which adds variety to our campus.

While some people think that sports and social activities should receive the same financial support as curriculum courses, I think sports and social activities should not be treated equally as curriculums.

It is true, that participating in sports can help us build a healthier life. However, many schools are lacking money in supporting such beneficial activities. As we know, people who engage in sport activities are less likely to get sick than those who do not. What’s more, many sports such as foot, basketball can build up team work. Having team work, inspires students more who part take in athletics, to build easier and healthier relationships with classmates and co-workers Despite these benefits that sports can bring, many schools, especially those in the developmental areas, lack finances to implement and support a basic sports program. For example, students in Africa may not have enough money to buy football field, resulting the inability to play football professionally. This same reason is why many people suggest that sports and social activities should have financial support in order to get out of the plight of lack of money.

However, if we under estimate the valuable importance of establishing sport foundations while ignoring local government funding, this may cause further economic problems. First, courses may lack money perform basic research. Which may affect students overall academic performance directly. In many developing countries, government tax income is relatively low, preventing local collages from receiving enough financial support. In this situation, if colleges direct it’s funding towards sports or social activities, affording buying basic experiment equipment is unattainable. Without these devices, it is hard for students to finish their research. Second, students are not receiving full educational training in the school, results in performance at their future career. Due to inefficient career performance, the country’s job market and economic state will also decline. As a result, this furthers a more worse finical situation for the local collages.

Sports and social activities should be supported by social groups rather than schools. Many social and sport activities are running in a commercial environment. Basketball team, for example, is usually supported by local basketball club. And these club can earn huge number of money during the state basketball competition. If colleges receive income during events, these teams increase the productive sense of competition due to substantial financial growth.

In conclusion, colleges should support sports and social activities on a equal scale as curriculum courses, to promote academic performance, sport team development and and economic success.

Q: I'm preparing tofel and I wanna know that beside dictation, which ways are good to improving my listening skill? Thanks!
A: Watching films with subtitles is helpful. :)

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