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    2. I tried playing “Apex Legends”, which is the hottest game right now, on PS4.‬ Communication with my buddy was fairly easy and for the first time i felt that Battle royal games were interesting.‬ ‪Anyway, i want to know which is the strongest weapon in each category soon.‬ ーーー ‪今いちばんホットなゲーム、『Apex Legends』をPS4でプレイしてみました。‬ ‪仲間との意思疎通がかなり取りやすく、初めてバトロワゲーを面白いと感じました。‬ ‪とりあえず、カテゴリー毎にどの武器が強いのか早く把握したいです。‬

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