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    2. I have never heard of "counter trafficking", but trafficking usually means modern slavery, most typically sex slavery, so I would guess that "counter trafficking issues" would have something to do with trying to fight trafficking, and maybe it's not going well. Have you got a sentence for context?

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    2. it means the US thinks China is worth less because of their trafficking problem

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    2. Smuggling is bringing in people or objects into another country secretly. trafficking is brining in people to another country and selling them into being prostitutes (it's sad :( )

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    2. @MimiHsieh: #1 is slightly unnatural. You can just change "a" to "some" and it will sound fine. I watched some disturbing news about human trafficking on tv. #2 sounds perfectly fine. You can also say it this way: You can only master English by practicing daily. For #3, as said, changing "she is" to "she's" helps it sound more naturally, but it is technically not incorrect. Not only is she beautiful, but she's also nice. I'm not quite sure what #4 means. Is it a conversation? If so, it does sound informal for A to not start with, "Are you in the middle of something?" It's also grammatically incorrect, but for conversational colloquial English, it's fine. As for B, it isn't wrong, but saying "middle of" sounds a little redundant since A has already said it. It sounds more natural to respond without using the same words as the question. For example: A: Are you in the middle of something? B: Sorry, I'm talking to someone right now.

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    2. ‎Before that, the wishes of most sensible Koreans would be to no longer hear new stories about foreign wives or other women reduced to objects of human trafficking as well as beatings and other inhumane forms of treatment of guest workers here.

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    2. Here in Brazil we spend a lot of time discussing the moral aspects of it. We have designed disastrous scenarios of what could happen to our society with the hypothetical legalization of marijuana. From the corruption of young people, to death, and the end of civilization as we know. Whereas in other countries, we can actually see that good numbers and a positive reality is taking place. In the US's largest and most populated state — California, the recreational use of cannabis became legal in the beginning of 2018. Experts estimates that the market is expected to hit $3.7 billion by the end of the year, and that number will increase to over $5 billion in 2019. This market is expected to be bigger than beer. The indicice(i’m not sure what word you mean by “indicice”) of crime also has good perspectives, taking into account that arrest numbers will reduce substantially over time. Still so, our country is a entire diferent organism, but on aspects of criminality, we certainly could use some of the advantages of legalization. The trafficking of drugs has become one of the most hideous problems of this nation, causing extreme violence and deaths everyday. To start, if we removed cannabis from the "black market" the traffic would already suffer and become considerably weaker. Later, heavy drugs could take the same path, being only obtained by prescription. Good things would come from legalization overall. However, on the other hand we also would have to be prepared for the bad consequences, such as possible rising of numbers of addictis, meaning we must provide a good social health care program for rehabilitation, that already lacks investment these days. We have two ways of approaching this situation and its consequences in society. However, despite the taboos, the tendency is the choice (i don’t know what you mean by the tendency choice), or at least the illusion of choice being more and more in the hands of potential consumers. The pharmaceutical industry moves more money than we can imagine in the world, and we consume more drugs than we actually realize. Over it is pretty formal sounding and well written, but I think it would sound better if you shortened your sentences because they tend to go on and are hard to follow. Very few grammatical errors though!

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    2. The grammar is slightly wrong. It should say "nowhere near enough votes to override" or "nowhere near the votes needed to override."

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    2. Yes, the family is waiting to hear the verdict. By using "counting every second down" it seems that the family is distressed and impatient.

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