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Q: What does counter trafficking issues mean?
A: I have never heard of "counter trafficking", but trafficking usually means modern slavery, most typically sex slavery, so I would guess that "counter trafficking issues" would have something to do with trying to fight trafficking, and maybe it's not going well. Have you got a sentence for context?

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Q: What is the difference between preventing and combating trafficking in human beings is a priority and preventing and combating trafficking in human beings are a priority ?
A: The first statement characterizes these ideas as one idea. Meaning they are connected. The second characterizes these ideas as seperate therefore not sharing a common cause.

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Q: It’s hard to stop human trafficking as it moves more than billion dollars and make a huge profit. does this sound natural?
A: It’s hard to stop human trafficking as it involves billions of dollars in profit.
Q: Can you help me ?

2012 Trafficking in Persons Report
Indonesia is a major source country and, to a much lesser extent, a destination and transit country for women, children, and men who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

In that paragraph, can you tell me what "to a much lesser extent" means/synonym??
A: to a lesser extent = to a lesser *degree* or, comparatively less
--> "Indonesia is (*more of*) a source country than a destination/transit country..."

Hope that helps!

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