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    2. Companion means someone you spend a lot of time with. i.e. He is my travelling companion. i.e. The CEO is companioned by his secretary.

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    2. Try "I have forwarded your email to someone who can help you." Or "Your email has been forwarded to the manager." When talking or writing about emails, two specific words are used. To respond or answer is "reply" and to transfer or send to others is "forward." I think people use these words because these are the words we see used by Yahoo or Google.

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    2. @korean: I used to study biotechnology at (insert college name) but when I was a junior I transferred to (insert college name). there I changed my major to English literature. studying biotechnology became boring and I lost interest in it. I expected to improve my speaking abilities by talking to foreigners but I studied poems and novels in the end. I spent a lot of my time to get good grades and in the end I couldn't practice speaking English.

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    2. ..a direct flight...with transfer at....

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    2. This story is about a simple woman whose life turned upside down one day. Anny was not tall, thin and inconspicuous to others. She had big blue eyes with notes of sadness. She had a usual life. Every day she goes to work by the same bus and returned by the same bus. Only five bus stops. On the way back, she usually buys buns with poppy seeds. One day she returned home, as usual, drank her tea, read a book, and went to sleep. She was woken by a telephone ring. She arose carefully and started to find the source of the sound. The bell rung from her handbag. She opened the handbag and found a phone! She looked at the screen and saw a new message. She didn’t understand anything, but decided to read it anyway. In the message was written – “If you want to change your life – just follow me”. For the remaining time of the night, she did not sleep. Next early morning, she received a new message. It was a photo of a bench in a city station. She didn’t know what to do. She had doubts but decided to go there and see it first hand. All the way to the station she was really nervous – transfered the phone from hand to hand, she was red and pale. When she found the place from the photo, she sat down on the bench and got another message. “Look down…” Under the bench she found a train ticket, which will depart in one and a half hours. She had doubts again. She was afraid! But she had such strong intentions to change. She was slipping onto the train while it carried her to the city where she's never been. At the station she received a message with a photo of the Square. On this square was a monument. She asked passer-bys for directions. Finally, she reached the city center square and inspected the statue. She looked carefully and found a new photo. There was window target image. She turned and saw this building opposite. It was a small building with three levels. She headed straight to the building, climbed the ladder and saw the door ajar. There was a dark room with a chair in the middle with a box on it. She looked up the beautiful box on the chair before opening it. There was a dress and heels in the box. She put on everything and waited. Her heart was beating. She received a message – “come down”. When she came down the stairs she saw a black carriage and a coachman. It was unreal. It felt like she was in a film or story from her childhood. The Coachman opened the door and invited her to sit in it. She felt like a small mouse. The carriage was suffered on the streets. Shortly it reached a big beautiful park with roses, green labyrinths and fountains. It was a dream. The Coachman helped her out the carriage and showed her the way. She went slowly to the big, beautiful building, in windows of which were burning the lights and music was heard. At the entrance she saw a waiter wearing a red caftan. He opened the door. When she entered the lights blinded her. There were people everywhere. Waiters were carrying champagne. At this moment one man approached her. He was smiling and stretched a hand. “Let’s go dancing.” After the party, they sat in a greenhouse and the man told her a story. Some days he noticed Anny at the bus stop. She was so pale and thin… but he was astonished by her eyes. So deep, so sad and lonely. He was so astonished that each day he waited for her at that stop. But she overlooked him. And he thought to put the phone in her bag. On this scene, she woke up. It was only a dream. She arose and went out. But something had changed this morning. She realised that her happiness didn't depend on anybody. She need not the champagne, the Coachman and the prince. She really was awake. She breathed deeply and smiled. She came to the stop and got her bus. She was going to work, but it was only 5 stops away. But her eyes were shining as she looked on parties…

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    2. there are lot of grammatical mistakes. You may wanna get it checked by a professional.

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