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    2. THESE ARE my REFLECTIONS ON a video I watched, could anyone correct it? Thanks million!! Actually, it's NOT homework, I know it's quite long but I'm just trying to improve my writing skills because THEY ARE so bad: WELL ACTUALLY THEY ARE EXCELLENT BUT HERE ARE A FEW IMPROVEMENTS ON one hand it's true that many YOUNG girls START a relationship AT 12-13yo and it's like wtf are you doing, but you know, that's because IN our society that's not wrong at ALL. IN many OTHER TRIBES and THERE IS even a subculture called gitanos here in Spain THAT START relationshipS AT 14 yo and then normally AT 16 they get married and they cannot have sex before THAT; OTHERWISE they are not allowED to get married. Girls' bodies start to get ready to be pregnant at the age of 12-13. THAT is when they start to trying to get boys attention (not every GIRL but I'm talking about human beings and THE body clock), because that's human NATURE. However, biology and society WORK in differeNT ways and that'S the point this man WAS talkING about.

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