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    2. This is usually a person who solves some kind of technical problem, especially with IT or electronics. This isn't really a job title, more a function that IT people would do. "David acted as troubleshooter, working to fix some of the bad code before the app went into beta." Also commonly used as a verb: "Can you call the guys from IT? We need them to troubleshoot our network connection, which keeps crashing every 20 minutes."

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    2. "She is very mindful of her work. She does everything on time, but she is not good at handling unexpected situations. On the contrary, he is very lax when it comes to paperwork, but he is an excellent troubleshooter. They’ve been getting along and exchanging complements with each other for a long time as a good team." < getting along with and complementing each other > these two need to look the same so it will sound better getting along with each other + exchanging complements with each other = < getting along and exchanging complements with each other >

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