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Q: Using a turner, I prevented the fried egg from sticking to the pan. Does this sound natural?
A: I'm not sure what a "turner" is! My guess is you're referring to a "spatula", but I don't know if a turner is just a tool I'm not aware of
Q: Doesn’t this turner melt at all? Does this sound natural?

If the speaker doesn't think the spatula will melt, then they would never ask, "Won't this spatula melt?" If the speaker doesn't think that the spatula will melt but is trying to see if there is any probability where it may melt, then this would move into conditional territory and the speaker might ask, "Would this spatula ever melt?" or "Would this spatula melt under any conditions?"

The statement, "There is a substantial probability that the spatula melt," changes the thought process though. That statement is completely the opposite of the speaker thinking that the spatula will never melt. If the statement is what the speaker is going from and the speaker is considering purchasing that spatula, it would be more understandable for the speaker to ask, "Under what circumstances does the spatula melt?" This question should elicit answers from the seller or manufacturer that would allow the speaker to decide if they want to purchase the spatula at all.
Q: What does turner mean?
A: I think that's an uncommon term... I'd never heard it before. According to the dictionary, it's someone skilled at turning, which is woodworking involving a machine that stays in place. You manipulate the piece of wood (turning it, etc.) to form whatever you're making.

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