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Q: What does What a twist mean?
A: "What a twist" means a surprising turn of events. Something you didn't expect to happen, did happen.

"Everyone thought Jenny would come to the party alone, but she showed up with a guy instead. What a twist!"

Alex loves strawberry icecream but ordered chocolate instead. What a twist!
Q: What does whimsical twist mean?
A: It means a playful or unusual change in events. Whimsical means playful or amusing. A twist is when something happens that you were not expecting.
Q: What does it is nice twist. mean?
A: it means it's a nice change
Q: What does have a twist to them mean?
A: To 'have a twist' on something usually means an element being outside or deviating from what one would expect

For example: you can write a story about a serial killer, but at the end it turns out that he's actually a loving father who is blackmailed to commit these crimes.

It's not just a plot, it's a plot with a twist.
Q: What does curious twist mean?
A: A strange/intriguing turn of events.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with twist one’s arm.
A: It means to manipulate someone in to doing something for you, usually by being aggressive or demanding.

"Do I have to twist your arm to get you to do your chores?!"
"Alright, I'll do you the favor, no need to twist my arm!"
"I feel like you're twisting my arm a little here..."
Q: Please show me example sentences with twist.
A: She twisted the cap off of the bottle
Q: Please show me example sentences with twist .
A: The film had a major plot twist.

The twist is a dance move from the seventies.

You're driving me 'round the twist.

You need to twist it.
Q: Please show me example sentences with twist.
A: I twisted my arm in football today.
Books are more interesting with plot twists.
The path through the forest has a confusing twist in the middle.
All this paperwork plus my sister coming over this week has me in a real twist.
Twist your hair around the curling rod for a springy curl.

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Q: What is the difference between make, twist, twine and weave wreath ?
A: I would certainly weave a wreath. Make is also an option, but less specific to a particular technology. Twist and twine are a no go. Twist you can an arm or another long and slim object. Twine has to do with living plants mainly..
Q: What is the difference between To twist and to wrap ?
A: You can wrap up a present or a gift.
You can wrap a scarf around your neck.
You can wrap your arm around someone you love.

You can twist the door knob to open it.
You can twist the cap off a bottle.
You can twist the truth.
You can twist your ankle by accident.
Q: What is the difference between to twist ex: l twisted my ankle... and to sprain ex: l sprained my ankle... ?
A: Good question!
"Twist" describes what you did to injure yourself.
"Sprain" is the name of the injury.
Q: What is the difference between twist and strain (in sports term) ?
A: twist -turn

eg-the wrestler twisted his arm

strain -stretch
eg-he stretched his body during his exercisers.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? is it correct to say “you have to twist the cap to close the bottle”
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? come with a twist
A: Yes. It means you are given something(typically an object) and you received something extra or unexpected with it, like a surprise! Or it could mean that you got something and it's completely different than what you expected. For example " I bought a dozen doughnuts but it came with a twist! There were 2 extra doughnuts inside!"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? twist
A: Hope this helps~

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Q: There's a new twist in the battle over whether to include a citizenship question in the 2020 US census.

What is the 'citizenship question' ?
A: The planned citizenship question asks: "Is this person a citizen of the United States?"

It will be a census question that asks if you are a U.S. citizen or not.

Many, many people will be afraid to complete the census questionnaire if they have to tell the government they are not a citizen. So they will not be counted. And as a result they will not be represented in the government and Trump can pretend they don’t exist. And he will cut funding to agencies that provide them help because they “don’t exist.”

It is a way to frighten minorities and to re-draw voting districts in order to grab power.
Q: Interesting twist

If you answer the question with this, what kind of conversation is expected?
And what does “twist” mean in those sentence?
A: Something surprising happened.

If someone said this to you, you could say, maybe, “I thought so, too. I didn’t see that coming! Here’s what happened next....”
Q: I am confused about:
"adds another twist to the complicated history surrounding the mechanisms that have already led to at least one lawsuit over how video from police encounters can be used."

Could someone please explain in simpler terms?

The New York Police Department is removing nearly 3,000 body cameras from use after one of the devices worn by a Staten Island officer exploded into flames, police officials said on Sunday.

The recall of the Vievu-brand LE-5 cameras could delay the department’s plan to outfit all 23,000 patrol officers with body cameras by December, and adds another twist to the complicated history surrounding the mechanisms that have already led to at least one lawsuit over how video from police encounters can be used.

The use of police body cameras has surged in recent years amid a national debate over police interactions with civilians, punctuated by fatal shootings by officers of mostly unarmed black teenagers and men. Law enforcement agencies have embraced the devices as useful tools for conducting investigations and evaluating officer conduct, while reform advocates espouse their potential to help curb abuses and increase transparency.

The city’s $6.4 million contract for the Vievu cameras set off a contentious debate in 2016 after it surfaced that other police departments had raised concerns about the cameras’ quality, and the city comptroller briefly blocked the deal. But the mayor and police officials defended their choice and moved forward with the plan. Vievu introduced the LE-5 in October 2017, listing among its features a lithium-ion battery that boasts more than 12 hours of recording time.
A: “Another twist” means another complication.
“Mechanisms” are the body cameras.

Adding body cameras to police officers was a complicated matter, and had a troubled history, since the police departments in general didn’t want them, or wanted control on the rights to the footage that they took, in opposition to civil rights groups, and the public.

The article mentions that because of the conflict between the police departments and the public about the footage captured, and if it is to be publicly available or used in the court of law, one lawsuit at least was filed.

So this delay in deployment will make things even worse since it could be viewed by the public as an excuse by the police department not to deploy the ‘mechanisms’ and not a genuine reason, and could elevate the tensions.
Q: "because sometimes there are twists at the end of the question"

How do you pronounce this sentence? please post an audio clip of your pronunciation.

- you don't need to enunciate for me. please be laid back and just speak as you do with your family or friends out of work...
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: "Do you want me to twist the swing so you can twirl ?"
A: Sounds good and normal to me.

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