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    2. terribly, excessively, unbearably

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    2. It is unbearably cold tonight. The music was unbearably loud. That meeting was unbearably long.

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    2. "My little sister is unbearably annoying. She is always following me around and getting me into trouble." "The line for the rollercoaster was unbearably long. We waited for 30 minutes!" "Even though I studied all night, the test was unbearably hard. I don't know if I did well." "The prices were unbearably high. I couldn't afford anything." You can also use unbearable. "Spending time with her is unbearable. All she does is complain and talk badly about other people." "I spent some time in the city. It was unbearable! There was too much traffic and pollution. And it was too crowded for me."

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