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Q: What is the difference between unbind and open and unscrew ?
A: unbind means you are removing a fastening. Something had to have been tied to be unbound.
I unbind the ropes from my truck after moving large equipment.

open is much broader and can include things like doors, containers, air, attitudes and other things.
I opened my mail.
I opened the door.
I opened my heart to the possibility.
I opened the bottle of wine.

unscrew is specifically something that is opened or removed in a rotational way.
I unscrewed the lid to the pickle jar.
I unscrewed the light bulb.
I unscrewed the screws from my furniture to take it apart.
Q: What is the difference between unbind a prisoner and release a prisoner ?
A: I suppose it's in some novel you are reading XD
well I think the difference is , for example: If we assume there was a prisoner . and The guards were to limit his movement they would bind him with ropes. if they unbind him it just means they allowed him to move freely WHILE he is still in the prison. but the act of releasing the prisoner means that he's released from the jail it's self. is that understandable ? ( I hope i have understood the situation right ^^'.).

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