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    2. It is describing a bad town full of crime. Then saying that if the police responded to the problems that the city has, it was be a better town. :)

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    2. @namanam: Did you know that you can edit your own comments after you have submitted them? Touch (or click) the three dots icon ". . ." in the bottom right corner of your comment, then choose "edit".

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    2. Recently she’s been upset when coming to daycare. According to ◯◯, she doesn’t like tidy up time, circle time, or practicing her song for the concert. However I think this is normal for her age. Is there anything you can do for her? ◯◯ also said that Suzuha likes to play by herself, but I don’t think that. In fact, Suzuha likes to play with other people because she has a very friendly personality. Do teachers play with her? I’m afraid she’s not being taken care of properly. Could you please look after her properly? Also, why is there no picture on the daycare app every week? When she comes home, her shoes are often on the wrong feet. I think that would make it quite difficult to walk, wouldn’t it? I just want her to enjoy daycare, make friends and socialize a lot. I want to ask you to care for her affectionately. In addition, I can’t believe ◯◯ anymore. When I talked to her last Friday, she sighed deeply and didn’t give a good enough explanation as to why. I didn’t sense any motivation coming from her. I want to put my daughter in the hands of a teacher who has more sincerity and affection.

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