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Q: What does undercut mean?
A: Undercut hair is where the haircut's back and sides are shorter than the top, allowing the hair on top to sit over the sides. There are quite a few styles for men and women.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with undercut.
A: What do you mean by undercut though? As in a hair style or the boxing technique?

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Q: What is the difference between To undercut and To underbid and to outbid ?
A: Undercut means to sell something much cheaper than another person who has the same item is selling it for. To underbid means to offer a price lower than another person. (This is similar to undercut.) To outbid means to win an item because you offered the highest price compared to another/others.

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Q: What does undercuts the driveway shoulder
mean in “Our house is at the base of a hill, and every spring we get ferocious runoff that damages flower beds and undercuts the driveway shoulder”.
A: undercut = erode underneath something, cause something to become unsupported
shoulder = the edge of a road or a driveway

The runoff pushes the dirt out from underneath the edge of the driveway. It makes a big gap between the driveway and the dirt.

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