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    2. i think, perhaps, there’s a slight difference in how they’re used. they were often used differently in my human geography class. “underdeveloped countries” would also be considered “third world” or “(in) stage 2 (of the DTM).” “developing countries” refers to “second world” or “(in) late stage 2 to stage 3 (of the DTM)” for ex many would consider some eastern european and latin american countries “developing,” while some countries in sub-saharan africa “underdeveloped”

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    2. I have rephrased some of it, to flow better. If you have any questions or such feel free to ask but I hope this helps. Good luck! "It is an undeniable fact that numerous developing nations still demand global cooperation. Some would argue that financial assistance will lead to effective result within developing countries whilst others believe that practical counselling would bring better ramifications. This essay agrees that the international community should focus on practical support instead of temporary economical assistance. As a consequence, it will lead to developing countries having the ability to solve their own problems. Admittedly, Supporting developing countries is one of the most significant ways to get out of poverty. Also, underdeveloped countries have a lack of immediate resources such as food, money or water. For example, In 2014, UNICEF researched that 25% of new-born babies born in Africa were dying out from cold and hunger. This was because their parents had no financial ability to purchase clothes or food. Therefore, there are still underdeveloped countries that are in need of substantive aid. It is true that some poor nations suffer with lack of commodity. Nevertheless, we cannot discount that fact that although numerous of unwealthy countries have lavish resources, they still stay at an underdeveloped level. For instance, The Venezuela Government have and hold a vast amount of financial resources. Despite this, most of the population have a serious problem when it comes to purchasing basic food products. It is because of corruption among wealthy political figures. As seen from the example, not every country requires financial support as doing so the population that require the aid may never receive it as the money may be spread out amongst the wealthy instead. To conclude, each poor nation struggles with different obstacles and I believe that the world should support these underdeveloped countries with helpful advice and not just temporary expedient."

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    2. Both are good 👍

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    2. I am sure many Slavic countries could relate to our traditions; emphasis in military strength, patriotism, praise to martyrdom, carrying our cultural heritage no matter where we go are highly encouraged in the island. Even our hymns speak of this in emphasis. Right now although the vacation spots are highly safe and attractive to tourists, the rest of the island is all about survival in any way you can, it shapes are psychology to be very reserved when trusting others, and has made us be very self-dependent. Effects of the dictatorship are still felt across the island, and I don't believe it will get better any time soon. We are a mix culture, carrying both Spanish, aboriginal, and African cultural habits; our mix and prosperity in early decades made it a haven for immigration. Which is why we have cultures from all over the world(specially Chinese, Hindu, Italian, Albanian, French, and even slavic), raised under one flag. If you meet a Russian, Chinese, or even Hindu person that speaks Latin Spanish in your travels, chances are they are one of my people :D.

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    2. I see, that was my mistake- you are correct Experts condemned this misconception as a step backwards in the long fight against some serious yet preventable diseases. misconception = an incorrect belief there is another word too: myth- it means a popular but incorrect belief (you can use myth here but it is better to use misconception because a myth is believed to be true by almost everybody, not just a trend) for example: In US, sometimes you will hear someone say, “Did you know that if you drop a penny off a building it will kill someone if it hits their head?” Everyone believes it but it is not true, but it’s just a myth! You will also hear the word “debunk” with myth. debunk = to disprove= to show to be false/not true Article title: Debunking 10 popular myths, or 10 myths debunked back to your question: first I want to say that condemn is a very harsh word- it is like officially saying how wrong something is(and maybe someone deserves punishment) harsh=cruel or a bit too severe If you yell at another person, somebody might say, “that was a bit harsh/that was harsh, maybe you should say sorry.” China condemned US’s actions of raising tariffs. (remember condemn is very formal, and usually public example: on TV) Unless you want to express that the experts are publicly saying the people are fools- so stupid etc etc- I would use a less harsh word. So I would write: 1) Experts showed great concern over this matter as a step backwards... 2) Experts expressed their concern against this trend as a step backwards... 3) Experts showed disapproval over this misconception/incorrect belief If you use a verb-, you do not need to say it is or it was- experts showed great concern about this incorrect belief.

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