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    2. im going to sue you, see you in court

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    2. I'm not a lawyer but I've spent much of my business career negotiating deals, working through contracts, etc. It's just not possible to give a definite answer without looking at the entire document, but here are one or two of my thoughts. I apologize in advance for inflicting this on you... 1. In US contracts a "defined term" is usually noted by capitalizing it. For example, "Agreement", "Play", "Licensee" etc. are all capitalized. There is some place in the document where these are given a very specific meaning. For example, you might see a statement like: This material is licensed by Snowcreature Ventures, LLC, a limited liability corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware (hereinafter the "Licensee"). 2. Exploitation is not capitalized, so it's not a defined term. As a result there may be ambiguity around the meaning of "exploitation". The same goes for gross receipts. I would think that exploitation means making use of the Play to generate any financial benefit - but if it were me I'd insist that exploitation and gross receipts be defined terms. 3. I think there are at least three parties (in other words, companies or people) that you have to think about to understand this paragraph - but this is a only a guess because I don't know anything about the overall business deal. 4. Because the clause talks about the Licensee paying the Licensor a percentage of the fees and royalties, it means that the Licensee is in turn receiving fees and royalties from somebody else. 5. I have to assume that the third party is a theater or promoter who sells tickets, and receives the gross receipts from ticket sales. 6. So assume the theater sells $10,000 of tickets - this is the gross receipts. Further assume the theater has a deal to pay the Licensee a $2500 flat fee for putting on the play - this is the fees and royalties collected. 7. The Licensee then has to pay the Licensor the greater of (a) 65% * $2500 = $1625, or (b) 6.5% * $10,000 = $650. 8. This also implies that if the Licensee has a deal where they receive less than 10% of gross receipts as their fee from the theater owner, then the calculation based on gross receipts would be larger. (This was your original question - what circumstance could trigger the second fee calculation option.) 9. The paragraph would be more clear if there were a comma after hereunder - "... exploitation of the Play hereunder, such sum not ...". Hereunder basically means "as described below". Hope this helps. I had to make a few assumptions in points 3-5. If they are wrong, then my answer will also be wrong.

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    2. To undertake means to commit oneself to begin or take on a responsibility You could say "everyone knows he takes care of the fish pond" or "everyone knows he is in charge of taking care of the fish pond"

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    2. Check the question to view the answer

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    2. I am guessing the M-word you're looking for is menial, which means boring, tedious, and labor-intensive. Drudgery is a similar word. Google gives this for a translation: 卑劣な仕事

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