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    2. Most words with a prefix "under-" means not enough of whatever that follows. So in this case, "not valued enough".

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    2. It would be better to say: "And also, it explained why we should eat cauliflower on a daily basis and how we should cook it. From my perspective, the diet they suggested in the article was groundbreaking to me, as I used to believe that vegetables with dark colors would be more nutritional than light colored vegetables. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I had a high blood pressure issue. I held stereotypes about some vegetables and I didn’t have a balanced diet. It was a helpful article and after I read it, I changed my diet by adding cauliflower. And it was just as the article said, my blood pressure dropped to normal levels in several weeks and this significantly improved my quality of life, as I once suffered a lot from headaches which were the most common symptom of high blood pressure."

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    2. The first part is really natural! To be picky, I think I would probably make an adjustment to the phrasing of the list "of Japan, South Korea, utilities and renewable energy sectors". I'm not sure whether you mean those sectors in those regions or those regions -- all sectors, and those sectors -- all regions. And linguistically, the sectors feel like they need a "the". so maybe: of utilities and renewable energy sectors in Japan and South Korea or of the Japanese and South Korean markets and of the utilities and renewable energy sectors (depending on which you mean) Here's a suggestion for the second part, but the investment field is not my expertise so you should see what others think too. This suggestion fixes the comma splice error you have and the verb tense, and to me it flows a little better: used research to successfully identify and suggest overweight rating for a stock, which then rebounded over 217%

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