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    2. My second second experience is that when I worked at a cafeteria, I worked there with a girl who was a mother of one, but she was 19 years old, and she was single mother. So, she worked all day long to provide for her family in the cafeteria. It was very difficult for her because she did not have any support in her life, so she had to solve everything by herself. In conclusion, I disagree with this story, because sometimes people have to quit their school and have to work all day long to protect their lives. Then, it makes people unhappier. In video they look happy, but they might be happy if the woman has a husband. That is why I disagree with this story.

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    2. “Seldom do we see a person who is able to survive with only the things that nature supply us.” should be changed to: “We seldom see a person who’s able to survive by only using resources that are supplied by nature.” “Only by doing conscious shops can we reduce our carbon footprint.” — I’m not quite sure what you mean by “only by doing conscious shops” so I can really help correct this one. “The more priority we give to money, the unhappier we will be.” should change to: “The more we prioritise money, the more unhappy we will get.” “The less meaning we give to material things, the joyful we will be.” should be changed to: “Our sense of joy is correlated to how we perceive material objects, as we are happier when we place less meaning in materialism.” — I changed this one quite a bit just because I wanted to make it flow better. “Were you to want a proper psychological development, you should have to bear in mind that money does not bring happiness.” should be changed into: “If you wanted proper psychological development, you should bear in mind that money does not bring happiness.” “Should you yearn to keep up with the Joneses, it can affect your phsychological development.” — doesn’t really need to be changed “Had I know that by keeping up the joneses I would have so many problems, I would haved relinquished of the things that I did not need.” should be changed to: “If I had known that keeping up the joneses would become so problematic, I would have gotten rid of (relinquished) the things I didn’t need.” — I don’t know what joneses are so I won’t be able to correct any mistakes related to that word (just a heads up)

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